2013 September Call-Ups: Top Prospects and Projections

Castellanos2As we reach the final days of August, all 30 major league clubs are gearing up for the final month of the season and planning for either the postseason stretch ahead or the start of the 2014 season.

With the commencement of September, teams are subject to the expansion of their active roster from the typical 25-man to a 40-man setup. All 40 players on the active roster are able to play at the big league level, which is typically a prime opportunity for prospects to receive a promotion from the minors and gain major league experience.

Not only is the “September call-up” season a prime time for some of the game’s top prospects to dip their toes in the big league waters, but it is also a crucial move for a contending club who may be looking to bolster the lineup heading into the postseason.

The following is an examination of the Top 5 prospects that may receive their big league promotion in the month of September (the prospects are listed in alphabetical order by their first name, but in no particular order in regards to their relative level of production or likelihood of promotion).