College Baseball Super Regionals 2013: Scores, Coverage and Updates

North Carolina baseball newsWith regionals now in the books, the remaining 16 teams are ready to face off in super regional play and make their bids for the College World Series.

Super regionals opened on Friday with four region match-ups, beginning with that of both North Carolina sites – NC State vs Rice and North Carolina vs South Carolina – in the afternoon, followed by the prime time match-ups of Oklahoma vs LSU and Cal State Fullerton vs UCLA.

All eight super regional match-ups will either commence or continue on Saturday, as well as on Sunday and Monday depending on the respective situation of each super regional.

Below we have listed the complete schedule of each of the eight super regional match-ups, along with our super regional previews (linked to each super regional) of what to expect from each team.

Chapel Hill Super Regional

North Carolina (55-9) vs South Carolina (42-18)

Location: Boshamer Stadium – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Saturday: North Carolina 6, South Carolina 5
Sunday: South Carolina 8, North Carolina 0
Tuesday : North Carolina 5 South Carolina 4  (North Carolina advances)

Read Chapel Hill Super Regional Preview

Raleigh Super Regional – NC State Wins Series 2-0

NC State (47-14) vs Rice (44-18)

Location: Doak Field – Raleigh, North Carolina
Saturday: NC State 4, Rice 3
Sunday: NC State 5 Rice 4 
Sunday (if necessary): 7:00 PM (NC State advances)

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Baton Rouge Super Regional – LSU Wins Series 2-0

LSU (55-9) VS Oklahoma (43-19)

Location: Alex Box Stadium – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Friday: LSU 2, Oklahoma 0
Saturday: LSU 11, Oklahoma 1 
Sunday (if necessary): 7:00 PM (LSU advances)

Read Baton Rouge Super Regional Preview

Fullerton Super Regional – UCLA Wins Series 2-0

Cal State Fullerton (51-8) vs UCLA (42-17)

Location: Goodwin Field – Fullerton, California

Friday: UCLA 5, CSU Fullerton 3 (F/10)
Saturday: UCLA 3, CSU Fulluerton 0
Sunday (if necessary): 10:00 PM (UCLA advances)

Read Fullerton Super Regional Preview

Tallahassee Super Regional – Indiana Wins Series 2-0

Florida State (47-15) vs Indiana (46-14)

Location: Dick Howser Stadium – Tallahassee, Florida

Saturday: Indiana 10, Florida State 9 
Sunday: Indiana 11, Florida St. 6
Sunday (if necessary): 10:00 PM (Indiana advances)

Read Tallahassee Super Regional Preview

Charlottesville Super Regional

Virginia (49-10) vs Mississippi State (46-18)

Location: Davenport Field – Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday: Mississippi State 11, Virginia 6
Sunday: Mississippi State 6, Virginia 5
Monday: 7:00 PM (Completion of Game Two) (Mississippi Advances)

Read Charlottesville Super Regional Preview

Nashville Super Regional – Louisville Wins Series 2-0

Vanderbilt (54-10) vs Louisville (49-12)

Location: Hawkins Field – Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday: Louisville 5, Vanderbilt 3
Sunday: Louisville 2, Vanderbilt 1
Monday (if necessary): 7:00 PM (Louisville advances)

Read Nashville Super Regional Preview

Corvallis Super Regional

Oregon State (48-10) vs Kansas State (44-17)

Location: Goss Stadium – Corvallis, Oregon

Saturday: Kansas State 6, Oregon State 2 
Sunday: Oregon State 12, Kansas State 4
Monday: Oregon St 4 Kansas St 3 (Oregon St Advances)

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