Mariners and Robinson Cano Talks Break Down – Deal Off For Now

Yankees RumorsTalks between the Seattle Mariners and representatives for Robinson Cano took a turn for the worse late last night and reports have indicated that the Mariners are no longer in play for signing Cano.

According to Mark Feinsand  both the New York Daily News, talks broke down soon after Cano’s agent  Jay-Z , Cano is represented by CAA in conjunction with Jay Z, insisted on $252 million over 10 years.

The Mariners reportedly offered nine years and $225 million prompting to know and his representatives to fly to Seattle late yesterday.

Reportedly Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln  became incensed and abruptly ended the meeting.  So a deal that seemed all but certain yesterday evening is dead,  at least for now.

Meanwhile, the Yankees may be back in the mix with their offer of  $175 million,  as there doesn’t seem to be any other teams interested in coming close to either of the numbers proposed by the Mariners and the Bronx Bombers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if indeed Cano walked away from an extra $50 million to stay in New York.