MLB Draft Prospect Jonathan Gray Tests Positive for Adderall

MLB DraftUniversity of Oklahoma ace Jonathan Gray tested positive for Adderall at a pre-draft screening as part of MLB’s pre-draft drug testing program, as reported by ESPN’s Keith Law.

According to sources with MLB, Gray’s positive test will not result in punishment, but he will be required to submit to follow-up drug tests once he commences his professional career.

Sources indicate that Gray did not have a prescription for the use of Adderall, wherein players are permitted to use the drug with a prescription for therapeutic use, otherwise the drug is a banned substance (Adderall is an amphetamine).

Currently, over 110 professional players were granted permission for the use of Adderall in 2012. Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz was suspended for the first 25 games of the 2013 season for testing positive for Adderall, his second offense using the drug.

Gray has been one of the premier starting pitchers in college baseball this spring, garnering much attention across the country as a potential first-overall pick in the 2013 MLB Amateur Draft on June 6. Whether his positive test will affect his draft stock is yet to be determined, but it can be assumed that the positive test will certainly place a red flag over his head.

Clubs tend to shy away from attracting negative media attention (especially concerning news that regards HGH/steroid allegations) and drafting Gray may attract such attention, although he will not receive any definitive punishment or suspension.

The 2013 MLB Draft just received another interesting, yet significant variable that may shake up draft-day selections, particularly in regards to the first-overall pick that belongs to the Houston Astros.