Twins Trade Denard Span To Nationals for Prospect Alex Meyer

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Span fills the Nationals need for center-fielder and a leadoff hitter

The Washington Nationals surrendered top pitching prospect Alex Meyer for Minnesota Twins center-fielder Denard Span in a trade and in doing so filled their need for center-fielder and a leadoff hitter.

The Nats have been seeking to acquire Span since 2010.

Span has a career average of .284 and a .357 on-base percentage. Span hit 23 home runs, had 230 RBI in 90 steals during his five seasons with the Twins.

“His skill set is something that we were looking for, we’ve been looking for for a couple years,” GM  Mike Rizzo said. “We’re talking about a true defensive ball hawk, center field type of guy with great range. Sabermetrically and with the scout’s eye, he’s a front line defensive centerfield. He’s the consummate leadoff-type of hitter. He appeals greatly to us for his skill set as an offensive player.”

Meyer is a flame throwing six-foot nine right-hander and pitched to a 2.86 ERA across 129 innings of work in Single-A ball for Washington. The Twins believe Meyer has top of the rotation potential.

The trade may signal an end to Washington pursuing free-agent Adam LaRoche, with Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth playing the corner outfield positions Michael Morse could be moved to first base full-time.