Selig – More Instant Replay Not What People Want

Bid Selig MLBBud Selig has heard from the proponents of implementing more instant replay in Major League Baseball. it has to be assumed that Selig has heard from opponents of implementing more instant replay. His decision is in.

“People in our sport don’t want any more,” Selig said, “Given our attendance and everything we’re doing, we’re in the right place with instant replay. Baseball is a game of pace. You have to be very sensitive and careful not to disturb that pace.” Whether or not you want more instant replay in baseball, his statement borders on the absurd, some might call it lame and many others would agree with that.

Selig, like many of us, is a baseball purist, a traditionalist. He doesn’t want to see instant replay have any larger part in the game that it does now, and everyone understands that. I am certain that is Selig had a mulligan on making this statement, he would take it.

The fact is, there are many baseball fans who want to see more instant replay. And as technology improves, more and more fans will warm up to the idea of more replay. Umpires will continue to miss calls, but as the game progresses, along with technology, more and more fans will find it difficult to overlook the obvious and demand umpire accountability. Every fan has a tipping point.

As a traditionalist myself I cannot agree totally with Cork’s Tweet. Baseball can lose me, but it likely won’t be over the implementation of instant replay. As I I have said before, I like the way the game is played right now, unconditionally, warts and all. I liked it when I was seven and I will like it when I’m 70. Honestly, I know I am in the minority, as is Selig.