Yankees Dewayne Wise Non-Catch Ruled an Out

NEW YORK – The New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians 6-4 the New York Yankees to move 17 games over 500. The Yankees are 18 and five in the month of June. When a team is 17 games over 500 in June, it gets a lot of breaks, and makes a lot of breaks. That’s what winning teams do. However, tonight the Yankees got a break in a most unusual fashion.

Yankees reserve left fielder Dewayne Wise made what appeared to be a spectacular catch in the seventh inning, as he flipped into the stands. Umpire Mike DiMuro, waited for a few seconds for wise to emerge from the crowd. When he did DiMuro called it a catch and an out.

The problem was, video clearly showed that it wasn’t a catch at all. Judge for yourself. There will be calls for more video replay in baseball, and this situation surely supports that idea. Umpiring is said to be different in Yankee Stadium for the home team. Tonight DiMuro took that legend to a new level. For his part, Wise should be nominated for some type of acting award.