Michael Pineda – Good Trade Gone Bad – Out For 2012

Making trades and signing free agents is a primary responsibility of baseball general managers. Careers are made and lost on those decisions. One factor that general managers can never account for, and can never plan for is injuries.

Michael Pineda was traded from the Seattle Mariners to the New York Yankees this past winter for top prospect Jesus Montero. earlier we had reported that Michael Pineda had suffered a setback in his rehabilitation in Florida.

Today the Yankees are answering questions about the wisdom of that trade. That’s what happens when good trades go bad. And for now the New York Yankees are on the wrong end of the trade.

Michael Pineda will not pitch in 2012. Pineda has a tear in his right labrum and will undergo arthroscopic surgery according to the New York Daily News.

While this kind of trade would have a devastating effect on most major league teams the New York Yankees won’t miss a beat. That’s one of the advantages they have over all the other teams in baseball. For now I will go with C.C. Sabathia, Hiroki ¬†Kuroda, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia in their rotation.

Andy Pettite continues to work out and get himself in game shape in extended spring training. barring any kind of setback that it should be ready to join the Yankees sometime in May.

The Yankees believe that Pineda was healthy when the trade was made, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. Apart from the loss of Montero there’s not much in the way of financial considerations connected with this deal. That is not gonna stop fans and some media outlets for criticizing New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

Pineda was a rookie in 2011 will be arbitration eligible until 2013-14.

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