Its Official – Marlins – Jays Blockbuster Deal Gets MLB Approval

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Selig said the deal does not violate any express MLB rule

Finally it’s official. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig issued a statement today regarding the blockbuster trade between the Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays made last week.

Because the deal took so long to get approval, there was some speculation that MLB might actually veto the trade or perhaps that it would serve as some display of unhappiness with the Marlins by MLB.

The Blue Jays acquired SS Jose Reyes, RHP Josh Johnson, LHP Mark Buehrle, INF-OF Emilio Bonifacio and C John Buck from the Marlins in exchange for SS Yunel Escobar, SS Adeiny Hechavarria, RHP Henderson Alvarez, C Jeff Mathis, OF Jake Marisnick, LHP Justin Nicolino and Anthony DeSclafani.

Toronto also reportedly will receive $4 million as part of the deal to help compensate for the almost $165 million in salary headed to the Blue Jays.

Selig said, “Since Tuesday, I have carefully reviewed the proposed transaction between the Miami Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays.  I asked our Baseball Operations Department and our Labor Relations Department to compare this proposed transaction with similar deals. I also consulted with experienced baseball operations executives to get their input regarding the talent involved in this transaction.

“After a thorough examination of this information, it is my conclusion that this transaction, involving established Major Leaguers and highly regarded young players and prospects, represents the exercise of plausible baseball judgment on the part of both Clubs, does not violate any express rule of Major League Baseball and does not otherwise warrant the exercise of any of my powers to prevent its completion

Selig also said that going forward MLB would continue to monitor the situation, and fully expected the Marlins would take into account the sentiments of their fans. Apparently Selig received assurances from the ownership of the Marlins.

For the most part a reaction to the trade has been negative and consistent by fans, media and players. An of course that doesn’t mean a lot to Major League Baseball.

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