Red Sox Want Deal with Mike Napoli to be One Year

MLB NewsJim Bowden of ESPN and MLB Network Radio is reporting that the Boston Red Sox are trying to reduce the three year $39 million deal with free agent Mike Napoli, to one year because of concerns about Napoli’s hip. The Red Sox and Napoli reached an agreement in early December, however a week later, Napoli underwent a physical and issues concerns about his hip were revealed.

The Red Sox and other major league teams customarily specify language in contracts to protect themselves in the event a specific injury may impair a player’s availability during the term of that contract. The Red Sox remain hopeful that a deal could be struck with Napoli, but the Red Sox continue to explore other possibilities for first base through trades or free agency.

The Red Sox on one of several teams that have spoken to the Washington Nationals about Michael Morse. Morse hit 31 home runs and had 95 RBI in 2011. Last year, Morse battled injuries and hit 18 home runs with 62 RBI in 43o plate appearances, and is available via a trade. Morse can play the outfield as well as first-base. Morse would cost the Red Sox a left-handed reliever and possibly a prospect. While the price may be steep, the Red Sox have the players to make the deal.

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