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Baseball News Source adheres to and enforces a commenting policy.  The goal is to raise the level of discourse in the comments, part of which involves eliminating inappropriate language and insults. While we understand that baseball fans are passionate, inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

Here is a list of examples of comments that will not be allowed:

  • Attacks or insults towards other commenters, the post author, journalists, teams, players, or agents
  • Inappropriate language, including swearing and related censor bypass attempts, lewdness, insults, and crude terms for body parts, bodily functions, and physical acts.  Overall, we don’t want any language that a parent would not want their kid to see.
  • Juvenile comments or extensive use of text message-type spelling
  • Writing comments in all or mostly caps
  • Spam-type links or self-promotion.
  • Anything else we deem bad for business

If you see comments that fit the above criteria, please flag them and/or contact us.  We encourage conversation but we ask that you please keep it civil. The editors and contributors of Baseball News Source are grateful for all of our our site visitors  This policy is always available at the very top of the site navigation bar.

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