Legal Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered about various legal topics? Below, we discuss and answer some commonly asked questions about the law in a question-and-answer format. Read on to find out more!

Q: Are lunch breaks required by law in New Jersey?

A: In New Jersey, the law requires that employees who work for more than 6 hours receive a 30-minute meal break. To learn more about employment laws and regulations, visit

Q: Does Lowe’s offer a law enforcement discount?

A: Yes, Lowe’s offers a 10% discount to all current and honorably discharged members of the military, as well as immediate family of those who are currently serving, retired veterans, Reserve Forces, and law enforcement. Find out more about this discount at

Q: What are some entry-level legal secretary jobs?

A: There are many entry-level legal secretary jobs available in various law firms and organizations. Discover opportunities and apply for these jobs at

Q: What is the legal contract address for Carlive Chain?

A: For legal guidance and information regarding Carlive Chain’s contract address, visit

Q: What is the base legal do ICMS?

A: To understand the rules and legal implications of ICMS, the tax on the movement of goods and transportation services, check out

Q: What is a short form bill of lading template?

A: Learn more about legal contracts for vendors, including a short form bill of lading template, at

Q: What are the Alberta liquor laws?

A: For a complete guide and 2021 update on Alberta’s liquor laws, visit

Q: What is the Russia-Ukraine nuclear agreement?

A: Find out about the implications and analysis of the Russia-Ukraine nuclear agreement at

Q: What is the salary guide for a business technology analyst at Deloitte?

A: For information on the salary guide for this position, visit

Q: What is an antique mall booth rental agreement?

A: Discover legal contracts for vendors, including antique mall booth rental agreements, at