Rap Legal Jargon

Yo, listen up, I got somethin’ to say

Legal jargon, it’s here to stay

From rent increase limits to Reagan and Gorbachev

There’s a whole lotta legal stuff we gotta love

Let’s start with the rent, what’s the deal?

Legal limits we gotta feel

No more than the legal amount, that’s the deal

If it’s more, it’s time to appeal

Reagan and Gorbachev, they made a pact

Nuclear agreement, it’s a fact

The legal implications, the impact and the analysis

It’s a topic that’s sure to give you paralysis

Bar and bench, what’s it all about?

Understanding the legal system, that’s what it’s all about

The courts, the judges, the attorneys at law

It’s a whole world that’s sure to awe

TFC, what does it mean?

Understanding the legal terminology, it’s clean

The legal and general growth fund, it’s a must

Everything you need to know, it’s a legal trust

Legal aid form, expert advice and assistance

Get your legal aid, no resistance

State Stefan’s law of radiation, what’s the deal?

Understanding the legal implications, it’s surreal

TRIPS agreement, it’s all about IPR

Understanding intellectual property rights, it’s a star

From land partition rules to hauling business meaning

Legal jargon, it’s a whole lot of gleaming