Report: Astros Dallas Keuchel Pitched With Injured Foot

Dallas Keuchel the southpaw ace for the Houston Astros pitched during the postseason with an undisclosed left foot injury during the team’s second half of the regular season and throughout the entire postseason, multiple reports have said.

Following the team’s World Series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, Astros doctors fitted Keuchel with a walking boot to stabilize his foot. However, the injury did not require any surgery, and Keuchel is presently working out and expects to be fit and prepared for the start of Houston’s spring training, said one source.

The injury suffered by Keuchel came to light when he was seen last Saturday wearing the walking boot. TMZ published a video of Keuchel leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood.

In the video, he was asked what had happened to his foot and Keuchel replied that the foot had been injured during the celebration following the team’s World Series victory.

Keuchel explained to TMZ that he had slipped and fell during the celebration parade. He called the parade a good time.

However, what is not clear is if the southpaw ace for the Astros was joking about falling or if he had indeed hurt himself during the team’s celebration parade.

A source who is familiar with this situation told reporters that Keuchel was bothered by plantar fasciitis over the last two months of the regular season and playoffs.

Houston released a statement to media outlets earlier this week saying Keuchel was recovering from a slight foot sprain.

A representative from the team reiterated on Wednesday that the injury to Keuchel’s foot was just a minor sprain and that it would not have an effect on his workout regimen during the offseason.

Keuchel, who is 29, was 14-5 with an ERA of 2.90 during the just completed regular season, despite sitting out over two months due to an injured neck. In five starts during the postseason against the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers, Keuchel was 2-2 with an ERA of 3.58.

In his six seasons playing for Houston, Keuchel has a record of 64-52 with an ERA of 3.65. He was the winner of the 2015 American League Cy Young and has made the AL All-Star team twice and earned three Gold Gloves. Following the 2018 season, Keuchel will become a free agent.

Houston is expected to contend once again for the World Series as most of their roster returns from last season, and late season acquisition Justin Verlander will have an entire season to help them in the starting rotation.