Red Sox Jon Lester is Healthy – Just “Terrible”

Boston Red Sox newsBoston Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester gave up three home runs, seven walks in seven runs in 4 2/3 innings of work last night against the Tampa Bay Rays  at Tropicana Field.

Lester is mired in a five start slump and is 0-3  with a 6.90 ERA over 30 innings.

Lester opened the season 6-0 with a 2.72 ERA,  so it comes as no surprise when Lester offered up a self-evaluation after the Red Sox loss.

“Just terrible,” he said before adding, “unacceptable” and finally, “horse-(expletive).”  He went on, when asked if health was an issue Lester replied, “No, I feel great,” Lester said. “I honestly do. Probably the best I’ve felt all season. It just comes down to commanding the baseball. Command the baseball is simple, and I didn’t do that.”

According to Red Sox manager John Farrell  the issue is mechanical and Lester is unable to repeat his delivery, making location and command impossible.

Lester isn’t having any trouble with location in between starts with his bullpens.

“It’s amazing because you see his (between-starts) bullpens and his warmups before the game are really good,” pitching coach Juan Nieves said. “When the game goes on, I think he wants to add that little extra. He almost wants to create it more with his legs instead of staying tall and not letting the mechanics deviate from the attack of the hitter.”

Farell added, “All good players are going to go through peaks and valleys,” Farrell said. “This is a turn through the rotation where we’re having to grind a little bit. We’ve got some work to do with Jon.”