Tim Lincecum Rocked – Left Looking for Answers

Tim Lincecum GiantsWhatever is wrong  with Tim Lincecum is still wrong. Lincecum was rocked for six runs on seven hits and two home runs in 3 1/3 innings today against the Pittsburgh Pirates. the Pirates beat the Giants 13-2 as Lincecum was bested by A.J. Burnett and two home runs by Andrew McCutchen.

Lincecum is now pitching to a 6.42 ERA , a 1.58 WHIP and 104/50 K/BB ratio compiled across 96 2/3 innings. His 18 starts have produced just for quality starts.

And his performance presents a conundrum for the Giants. Lincecum is not getting better, or showing any signs that he will get better. At this point his position in the starting rotation is in jeopardy. the Giants are very much in the race for the National League West division.

They can ill afford to continue to run Lincecum out there every fifth day to give up 6 1/2 runs if they want to remain in the race.

Yet, How do you give up on a two-time National League Cy Young winner, and a three-time National League strikeout leader? For now, manager Bruce Bochy says Lincecum will take his regular turn after the All-Star break. To his credit Lincecum has been very forthright with his struggles.

You never want to say ‘I’ve hit rock bottom’ or anything like that, but when things are going as bad as they are right now you’ve got to go out there with the feeling like you’ve got nothing left to lose. Leave it out on the field. Whatever happens happens. I have to erase this (but) obviously remember it and use it to know what I don’t want to go through again. It’s been terrible.”

It seems like everyone has an idea on what it would take to fix Lincecum. One thing is for certain, Lincecum was once the ace of the Giant staff, and is now the weak link. If the Giants are to compete through September they are going to need him.