Angels News – Albert Pujols Hit His First Homer – Breathe Deep Everyone

Sometimes watching baseball news has it’s what the heck moments. Yesterday was one of those times. Albert Pujols is without a doubt baseballs most prolific present day hitter. However yesterday, news wires across the Internet world were abuzz. Albert Pujols went deep for the first time with the Angels on Sunday. That was the exact feed that I received over and over and over.

If you felt a unexpected gentle breeze on Sunday afternoon it was everybody on the West Coast who had been holding their breath, finally being able to exhale, waiting for Pujols to go yard. The three-time NL MVP had gone 33 games and 139 at-bats dating to last year without a home run in the regular season.

He had  hit seven home runs in spring training. People were beginning to wonder what the heck, or maybe some other word.

Perhaps the best part of this momentous occasion was Pujols’ teammates gave him the ol’ silent treatment, a plot hatched by Torii Hunter. They were all waiting for the slugger in the tunnel leading to the clubhouse. Then, a burst of euphoria and they were all back on the bench, high-fiving and slapping him all over his body.

Albert Pujols is going to hit. By the end of the year Pujols will have his numbers . The Angels are not going to finish last in the American League West. It’s May and in baseball that means things may appear now, that you may not be able to remember in September.