Texas Rangers Jurickson Profar Appears Headed Back to Minors

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Profar made his major-league debut in September

Jurickson Profar is arguably the top prospect in all of baseball. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said the team plans to start Ian Kinsler at second base for 2013, meaning Profar will likely start the season in the minors.

Daniels is taking the approach that unless Profar and fellow prospect Mike Olt secure everyday positions in the major leagues, it would be better for them to start in the minors.

“Unless they had a regular spot, it doesn’t necessarily make sense,” Daniels said Monday. “I don’t see these guys as bench players. It doesn’t make sense.”

There had been discussion internally about moving Kinsler to first base to make room for Profar at second base, but the team is now planning to start Mitch Moreland at first base.

Profar was selected as the top prospect on the BNS Top 10 Prospects list, and has been the focal point of discussion in numerous trade scenarios this off-season.

The Rangers have made it clear they have no intention in moving Profar.

Profar made his major-league debut in September and hit a home run in his first major league at-bat.

Olt came up Aug. 2 and played in 16 games, going 5-for-33

He finished 3 for 17 in nine games with the Rangers.

Additionally, if Profar does not accrue enough days in the big leagues to reach a year of service time the Rangers could keep him under club control for a longer period of time.

The practice is widely used by major league teams.

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