Rangers Settle For Lance Berkman On One Year Deal

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Berkman played just 36 games in 2012

Lance Berkman and the Texas Rangers agreed on a one year $10 million deal, with a one year vesting option, that will be triggered if Berkman reaches 550 plate appearances.

Berkman received an offer on Friday from the team.

Berkman had drawn the interest of several major league teams, including the Houston Astros, Tampa Bay Rays , Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles , Philadelphia Phillies, and New York Yankees.

So who did the Rangers outbid for the services of the 37 year-old Berkman?

Probably themselves.

It safe to assume, Tampa Bay and Houston were never players for Berkman short of touching base on his financial demands, followed by a hasty retreat back to their low budget front offices.

Boston , New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia had geographical issues to overcome.

Berkman made it clear his return to baseball for 2013 was about money.

“In a way they have to buy me out of retirement, and I know that sounds crass — I wish it didn’t — but it’s a big commitment, it can put a strain on the family,” Berkman told the St Louis Dispatch. “If I’m going to play, I’m going to give my heart and soul to the team. But if the carrot’s not big enough, the mule isn’t going to want to go.”

The Rangers fresh off a woeful offseason of pursuing big splash free agents, stepped up to the plate, not with a Louisville Slugger, but with a Texas sized carrot, that not only pacified Berkman financially, but neutralized his outspoken disdain for the American League and the DH.

Berkman played three months for the Yankees in 2010 and was less than complimentary of either the DH or the American League.

Berkman batted .301 with 31 homers and 94 RBI in 2011 with St.Louis , but played just 36 games in 2012.

In 13 MLB seasons, Berkman is a career .290 hitter with 360 home runs and 1,200 RBI, and Texas thinks that is worth $10 million for 2013.

Apparently not many other teams did.

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