2013 Free Agents List – Outfielders, Designated Hitters

MLB Free agent outfielders

List of 2013 Free Agent Outfielders and DH’s

Josh Hamilton, Ryan Ludwick, and  B.J.Upton headline a list of free agent outfielders for 2013. The following players have contract that expire or have options that can be exercised. Expect decisions to be coming fast with those having options now that the World Series is over.

[tab title=”Left Fielders”]Travis Buck
Melky Cabrera – Blue Jays – 2 yrs, $16 million
Jonny Gomes – Red Sox – 2 yrs, $10 mil
Scott Hairston
Josh Hamilton
Eric Hinske
Reed Johnson
Andruw Jones
Austin Kearns
Carlos Lee
Ryan Ludwick*
Darnell McDonald
Juan Pierre* – Marlins – 1 yr, $1.6 mil
Juan Rivera*
Drew Sutton
Delmon Young[/tab]
[tab title=”Center Fielders”]Alfredo Amezaga
Rick Ankiel
Michael Bourn
Curtis Granderson*
Scott Hairston
Mitch Maier
Angel Pagan
Cody Ross
Grady Sizemore
B.J. Upton – Atlanta – 5 yrs, $75.25 mil
Shane Victorino[/tab]
[tab title=”Right Fielders”]Brian Bixler
Travis Buck
Matt Diaz
Kosuke Fukudome
Torii Hunter – Tigers – 2 yrs, $26 mil
Andruw Jones
Ryan Ludwick
Xavier Nady
Juan Rivera
Cody Ross
Ichiro Suzuki
Nick Swisher[/tab]
[tab title=”Designated Hitters”]Bobby Abreu
Johnny Damon
Travis Hafner
Raul Ibanez
Hideki Matsui
David Ortiz – Red Sox – 2 yrs, $26 mil-$30 mil
Luke Scott*
Jim Thome
Delmon Young[/tab]


* – player whose current contract includes 2013 option. Data from Cot’s Baseball Contracts

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