Arizona Diamondbacks Expect to Sign Martin Prado to an Extension

D-Backs NewsNow that Justin Upton has finally been traded, we now learn that Martin Prado was a very significant part of the deal. Prado is due to become a free agent at the end of 2013, and at first glance might have raised some eyebrows about his inclusion in the deal. Jack Magruder is reporting that the Arizona Diamondbacks intend sign Prado to a long-term extension. Prado is in his last year of arbitration and has requested $7 million.

Prado who is expected to become Arizona’s full-time third baseman hit .301 with 10 homers and 70 RBIs last season. Over the last three years Prado has hit .290/.339/.428, with 157 extra-base hits, and 193 RBI. Upton has Upton has hit .281/.361/.469, with 167 extra-base hits, and 224 RBI. Prado’s  WAR  the last 3 years – 12.1, Upton’s  WAR last 3 years – 10.2. Prado has played second base, third base and left field.  Apparently the combination of of Prado and Cody Ross is preferable to Upton and Chris Johnson.

The Diamondbacks and Braves had meetings this winter about the trade and could not reach an agreement until Prado was included in the package according to Magruder. Add the prospects and Randall Delgado and the deal was made.

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